Monday, June 16, 2008

the (tee) time is now

The world watches TigerWin or lose, Tiger Woods has created a real-time, right-now case study of how the world is ready to integrate Web 2.0 tools into their lives through appointmet television.

Tiger created a playoff yesterday in the U.S. Open, which has an unusual playoff format. Instead of playing overtime holes, the Open requires an 18-hole playoff the next day. (Kudos to The Washington Post for putting together video on author John Feinstein railing against the format.)
offered a live simulcast of the event and it seems to be the perfect nexus of introducing internet sports viewing to the general public: one-on-one golf, available in the office and at home. The event is simple to understand, gorgeous to watch and exciting. A viewer can keep it in the background, watch when available. Excited viewers could IM on the site, send the link to friends and click on "flyovers" for future holes.

The number of eyeballs that have seen the 15-second American Express commercial at the start of the simulcast will be a record ROI for the AmEx interactive marketing budget.

Today is the first day of truly viewing sports on your laptop. And it's all free.

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