Monday, May 25, 2009

drop the "social," and Twitter works for corporate

@NoVaDaddy on TwitterOdds are, I guess I should've skipped Twitter by now. Or at least a 60% chance.

I joined Twitter about a month ago, and according to popular Internet stats, that's about the time 60% of new users leave. The novelty's gone, the intrigue has faded and those Tweeters they'd been following just weren't that interesting anymore.

Who blames them?

Twitter allows you to follow people globally. Hear from Australians going to bed in the middle of your day and New Yorkers waking up late in your morning. And, for the most part, they're spewing a lot of crap.
  • "I'm over my blue funk."
  • "Morning cappuccinos are the best."
  • "LMAO"
Wall Street Journal graphic on increase in users
It's not 140 characters that are limiting these lame posters; it's their lame attitude.

Corporate tweeters have a unique opportunity in this forum. Like much of social media, Twitter is a one-trick poiny, but it's a different trick for different ponies. Most users focus on the individual > individual(s) broadcast method. I encourage corporate clients to focus on corporation message > sea of individuals.

I'm most interested in two corporate Twitter users: @homedepot and @matrix group. They speak intelligently and respectfully to their followers, always informing, always stimulating and never selling.

My favorite individual tweeter is Jeff Veen (@veen). He's started (another) new business: Small Batch. Just before he opened the business, he only occasionally tweeted. Regular readers knew he was up to something. Following the release, he used Twitter to inform customers and guide friends and visitors.

So I give the following Twitter advice to my clients:
  • Say more by saying less
  • Be honest
  • Be transparent
  • Be smart
  • Be right
  • Be brief and be gone

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Realty Secret Agent said...

TRANSPARENT! Most important.

Fair, Firm, Consistant.

Say it with passion.